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Ledare: Sonnenmensch
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Skapad den: 2 nov 2005
in support of all kinds of Dark Underground Art...
for friends and fans of oldest latvian underground label and radio show BEVERINA (1996-2005 ... 2006 - The New Era)


BP048 SILVERTHREAD / CARTAGRA (lat) - Secretvm Clavsvm Mansit In Ore Constrvctoris Svi / ... Behind the Gates of Hell ... - split

Split of 2 Latvian dark/ritual ambient projects. The S. material was recorded from 1996 till 2003 in different audio-mental sessions and C. is side project of Lord Messir (Dark Domination), recorded in 2004. This release also have special status, because was planned like last release of Beverina Productions, delayed for more than 2 years... Excellent layout, DVD box, pro made black Cd-r and limited to 150 copies...

BP049 STN09 (ita) - ...buio (Transmission to Inferno)-

Dark ambient... like mix of early CMI releases with Vinterriket.
Digipack, pro made black Cd-r and limited to 150 copies.

BP050 ELISABETHA (ger/aut) - Über das Prinziep der Unschuld -

Is there a desire to live a life after you awoke?
Do you wish to flee?
Are you strong enough to be your dream?
Are you ready to give up what you think is reality?
Can you leave behind your faith and to focus the light of your eyes on perception
You must be willing to learn to live again and to bear the pain of thousands of aeons
Pain will be a friend on your side.
You will bring death to your loved ones and this will be the sin of your love.

14th release of band. Mix of neo-classic and ambient. CD in gold digipack, limited to 500 copies.
Release date: October 1st, 2007.


tba KRIEGSTURM (lat) - Eternity (in memory of fallen ones) -

Mix of nefolk, dark ambient and noise. Dedicated to all fallen soldiers in WW2.
4 audio tracks and 1 video.
Digipack, pro made black Cd-r and limited to 114 copies.

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