• Albums of the Week (Neeshcast segment for 2015)

    22 feb 2015, 13:37 av neesh

    Each week I pick a different album, either from 1995 or 2005, for myself and listeners of Neeshcast to lend an ear to. It could be a first listen, or it could be the first in quite some time. Some truly groundbreaking albums came out 10 and 20 years ago. It’s nice to push them back into focus, and reflect on their influence.

    The Album of the Week from Wednesday, February 18, 2015 to Wednesday, February 25, 2015 (week 7) is the third dredg album, Catch Without Arms.

    I've put together a handy Spotify playlist including all of our Albums of the Week to date, with the exception of Cage’s Hell’s Winter, which is not in Spotify’s library.

    I encourage you to lend an ear to the Albums of the Week and share your thoughts! A new album is announced every Wednesday night during the Neeshcast between 7-11pm Central on Radio Xenu.
  • arbitrary number of songs I listened to most in 2012

    2 jan 2013, 02:27 av neesh

    I just wrapped up my AotY list, and decided to look through my lists from past years for shits and giggles.

    featuring: GypsyThank You ScientistEvery Time I DieSilversteinI the MightyFucktardCoheed and CambriaNight VersesJosh BenashDeftonesVuvuzelaAthleticsStellar YoungSession 606
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    Came across something I posted in here in 2009, I'm inspired to do the same for this year! It was arbitrary number of songs I listened to most this year.

    1. Session 606Infidel Musk(You Are)
    2. Session 606 - Deadpan
    3. Athletics - V
    4. Session 606 - Repo Assassins
    5. Session 606 - The Celebration of Nothing At All (bonus track)
    6. O'Brother - Ascension
    7. Moving MountainsTired Tiger
    8. O'Brother - Oh, Charitable Thief
    9. GlassjawVanilla Poltergeist Snake
    10. Athletics - I Am Withdrawal
    10. Joyce ManorConstant Headache
    10. Every Time I DieUnderwater Bimbos From Outer Space
    13. The Killing TreeDressed to Fuck
    13. Grievesbottom of the bottle
    15. ††††hholyghs†
    16. Athletics - III
    16. Athletics - IV
    18. DefeaterI Don't Mind
    18. Weerd ScienceInfinity
    20. Taking Back SundayMakeDamnSure
    20. Athletics - Jordan
    22. Stellar Young - The Universe is a Bully
    23. Session 606 - Cutting Your Gains
    23. With the PunchesI Told You Already
    25. The Story So FarMt. Diablo
    25. Athletics - Speaking For Everyone (Version II - Piano)
    27. Weerd ScienceClap if You <3 Someone
    27. Balance and ComposureI Tore You Apart In My Head
    27. With the PunchesHarvard On the Hudson
    30. RefusedNew Noise
    30. Tidal ArmsHair and Teeth
    30. Moving MountainsWhere Two Bodies Lie
    30. The City Never SleepsOver All Over
    30. Session 606 - Long Live King Re-Animator
    30. Athletics - II
    30. Stellar Young - Speak Now (Good Man)
    37. 3Numbers
    37. Stellar Young - Alright
    39. Sum 41Fat Lip
    39. American FootballNever Meant
    39. Dead UnicornChernobyl
    39. O'Brother - Providence
    39. Every Time I DieRevival Mode
    39. Night VersesFrom The Shadows Where I'm Low
    39. Stellar Young - Dorothy
    39. Stellar Young - As You Go
    47. Saves the DayAt Your Funeral
    47. FightstarMono
    47. A Lot Like BirdsThink Dirty Out Loud
    47. Session 606 - Long Live King Re-Animator (studio rough)
    47. Session 606 - Repo Assassins (studio rough)
    52. mewithoutYouJanuary 1979
    52. Athletics - August
    52. Athletics - See You On The Other Side
    52. GlassjawBlack Nurse
    52. Moving MountainsThe Cascade
    52. Stellar Young - Restless
  • Top 11 Albums and 11 EPs of 2011

    16 dec 2011, 05:35 av seedboy

    In honor of the fact that it’s 2011, I decided to turn it up to 11 for this year’s edition of my End of the Year lists that nobody reads. So instead of the usual 10 albums (and 5 EPs), you can expect to see 11 each. I can only hope that this kind of publicity stunt helps me skyrocket into internet superstardom.

    Anyhow, other than that it’s the same deal as always. These albums are the ones that either left huge impressions on me or I just listened to a lot. Mostly both though.

    11. Sum 41 - Screaming Bloody Murder
    Yes. Sum 41 is still together. I was kind of surprised, too. The band no longer writes the same sugary hooks like they did a decade ago, but the thing that I always kind of liked about the post-All Killer, No Filler Sum 41 is that they really do write songs that they feel like writing, instead of trying to recreate their past success. The album does have some odd transitions, such as sandwiching a 12 minute, three part epic between two ballads, but overall Screaming Bloody Murder is a step forward for the band, especially after the disappointing Underclass Hero.

    10. Night BirdsThe Other Side of Darkness
    Night Birds are a surf punk band straight outta Joisey. And Brooklyn, from what I’ve been told. Made up of members of The Ergs!, Hunchback and For Science, Night Birds draw heavy influence from classic punk acts ranging from Agent Orange to the Descendents to the Misfits. The band plays fast and snotty, and there’s not a song on here that’s longer than 3 minutes- just the way I like my punk rock.

    09. Farewell Continental¡Hey, Hey Pioneers!
    Last year one of my favorite albums was Motion City Soundtrack’s My Dinosaur Life. To me, that album encompasses everything that Top 40 pop music should be these days. Farewell Continental’s debut full length takes that pop formula that Motion City Soundtrack perfect and reworks it for the shoegaze genre. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of shoegaze music so I’m not sure if Farewell Continental actually created something that shoegaze purists will readily accept. This album takes it up a notch in terms of production and catchiness in terms of the preceding EPs and creates some wonderful male and female fronted indie pop music.

    08. blink-182Neighborhoods
    Obviously my inner-middle school self is still alive somewhere because that’s the only explanation for how both Sum 41 and blink-182 could have made it on to this list. If only Green Day had released something other than a live album. But on a serious note, I was expecting an Angels and Airwaves album with the occasional Mark Hoppus vocals. To some, that’s exactly what Neighborhoods sounds like. To me, this album is so much more than that though. If you’re really curious to know what I thought about it, check it out here: http://cmoncheermeup.blogspot.com/2011/10/blink-182-neighborhoods.html

    07. SamiamTrips
    I’ve known about Samiam for almost forever now. They come from the same scene that produced bands such as Green Day, Rancid, Jawbreaker, Filth and Operation Ivy. And yet, I never gave them a fair listen until this past year. That didn’t stop me from listening to Trips when it was streaming online, nor did it stop me from falling in love with the band. It’s their most easily accessible album to date, even more so than You Are Freaking Me Out, but it adds a nice variety to their back catalogue and I think it’s a step up from the muddy sounding Whatever’s Got You Down.

    06. Banner PilotHeart Beats Pacific
    Sometimes a band will release a new album and its sound will be a drastic change from its predecessor. This isn’t really one of those times. The songs may be written in a different key but that doesn’t stop this album from essentially being Collapser Part 2. But I missed out on Collapser the first time around (I know, I’m a terrible orgcore punk), so it’s all brand new sounding to me. I also think that Banner Pilot writes the finest Jawbreaker songs that Jawbreaker never wrote. Considering how many bands have tried their hand at accomplishing that, I would say that it is no easy feat. Kudos to Banner Pilot for that.

    05. Dan Andriano in the Emergency RoomHurricane Season
    In spite of everything, my biggest problem with Alkaline Trio's Damnesia was that it was lacking in Dandriano. This album makes up for that, big time. I know I’ve gone on record several times in saying this, but for me, Dan’s songs in Alkaline Trio have always been the stronger ones lyrically. So to have an album full of his songs is really exciting. The songs are beautifully written and it’s nice to hear Dan’s voice and lyrics set to different types of music. What I really like is that Dan Andriano doesn’t take the gruff acoustic route that Chuck Ragan has set and instead he takes a road similar to that of Dave Hause’s recent solo output and utilizes an array of full band instrumentation. In many ways it’s a nod to other singer-songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Ryan Adams. It’s secretly my hope that he forms a backing band as The Emergency Room to become his equivalent of the E Street Band or the Cardinals.

    04. FireworksGospel
    I am not a fan of this whole modern day pop punk thing that’s going on. To me, it just sounds like a bunch of bands trying to be The Movielife or New Found Glory. There’s something that sets Fireworks apart from other bands in that scene. Instead of falling into the same tired stereotypes, Fireworks takes a much different approach to their style of pop music, having a softer energy about them that’s more akin to the Fake Problems brand of indie-punk rather than the peppy gang vocals of The Wonder Years (although the gang vocals are still present in some tracks here).

    03. Junior BattlesIdle ages
    Speaking of modern day pop punk, here’s a band that gets it right. Melding the precise technicality of Latterman and the vocal styling of Fall Out Boy, Junior Battles writes catchy melodies that are fun enough to sing along to (in your head or out loud) while also showing a wisdom far beyond their years. The song writing is tight and it’s hard to believe that this is the same band that released the Hotel Bibles EP a few years back. Perfect for a tired kid who just quit his job and is looking for something to pick him up. Oh, and Damian Abraham (Pink Eyes, of Fucked Up fame) makes a guest appearance, too.

    02. The Horrible CrowesElsie
    It’s hard for me to describe why I like Brian Fallon’s work. It’s not particularly relatable for me and it’s not even like I can tell you what most of his songs are about. He just has a way with words. With the Horrible Crowes, Fallon’s lyrics aren’t that much different from his work with the Gaslight Anthem but I kind of expected that. My favorite thing about Elsie is how little it actually resembles a Gaslight Anthem album. Okay, so maybe Behold the Hurricane might have been able to fit somewhere on American Slang but the rest of the album manages to capture a different sound. From the constant picked note in Ladykiller and Crush to the organ sounds featured on I Witnessed a Crime and Mary Ann, this is definitely a project that is to remain separate from Brian Fallon’s main body of work but it’s also solid enough that it would be able to stand up on its own should it ever become his main focus.

    01. Direct Hit!Domesplitter
    Lead singer Nick Woods has described the sound of Direct Hit! as “Ramones meets Andrew WK meets The Thermals” and I don’t think there’s any better way to put it. I had some concerns at first when I knew that Domesplitter was going to be re-recorded versions of previously released songs but those concerns were laid to rest when the album actually came out. The songs are notably faster than the originals and there’s a new intensity to Woods’ vocals. These new elements only make these great songs sound even better and it makes me sad to think I had doubted it in the first place. Best album of 2011 by far for me.

    Honorable Mentions:
    The Copyrights - North Sentinel Island
    Dave Hause - Resolutions
    Dead to Me - Moscow Penny Ante
    Fucked Up - David Comes To Life


    11. Dear Landlord / The DopaminesPortrait Parle
    Two of the best pop punk bands join forces and release a pop punk masterpiece. Dear Landlord write some of the best shout along anthems in pop punk this side of the Copyrights. And the Dopamines are probably a better version of the Copyrights. Two songs each, with some of their strongest material since their last full length albums.

    10. Broadway CallsToxic Kids
    Broadway Calls has always been a pretty solid pop punk band. Toxic Kids is a short release but it’s comforting to know that the band is still active and writing songs. While the songs are structured in the same way that Broadway Calls songs have always been structured, it is interesting to note that they have a much rougher edge to them than their previous LPs in terms of production. I’m not sure if that’s indicative of the direction the band is heading in or if these songs are demo versions of songs for album 3.

    09. Motion City Soundtrack / Trampled by Turtles Split
    Some people are against split releases when the bands involved cover each other songs. I think if the bands are radically different enough from each other though, it can create some pretty interesting sounds. Motion City Soundtrack has perfected the pop formula while Trampled by Turtles takes bluegrass music in a fairly progression direction. Covering each other works for these artists. Wait So Long sounds like it could’ve been a Motion City Soundtrack original, while Disappear sounds pretty good on a mandolin.

    08. The Gaslight AnthemiTunes Session
    The Gaslight Anthem covers songs by The Who, Tom Petty and Pearl Jam, while also playing updated versions of older songs. Also an unreleased song and an interview. Maybe not the most exciting of things for a casual fan but it’s definitely something for a hardcore completist such as myself.

    07. Against Me!Russian Spies / Occult Enemies
    It’s pretty easy to hate on Against Me! these days but I still have a lot of love for them. Sure, this release still has that “White Crosses” sound but let’s be honest: the actual sound of the band hasn’t changed as much as everyone says it has since As the Eternal Cowboy. There are less acoustic songs, sure, and maybe Butch Vig has crunched up their sound but throw someone who is unfamiliar with the band into one of their shows and they wouldn’t be able to tell you the year difference between Cliché Guevara and Occult Enemies. I’m absolutely positive about that.

    06. LattermanOur Better Halves
    “New” Latterman song. Recorded before they split up but never released before. Until now.

    05. Direct Hit!Monster In The Closet
    So I already knew that Monster in the Closet ruled. I checked this single out though for its b-side, Message to the Angels. It’s the closest thing that Direct Hit! has done to an acoustic studio track and it’s kind of weird to listen to because it consists of nothing more than Nick Woods and his electric guitar. It describes a battle of Heavenly proportions though, so the lyrics are pretty standard fare. Worth checking out.

    04. DaytraderLast Days Of Rome
    Daytrader features former members of Crime in Stereo, The Motorcycle Industry and Latterman to name a few. But even if they didn’t have such a high profile background, they’d still rock. They take more influence from early 2000’s emo than the bands that they come from yet they manage to keep it sounding fresh. I’m highly looking forward to the full length when it drops.

    03. and 02. MixtapesCompanions / Castle Songs
    Mixtapes has had several releases this year. Most notably are the Companions EP that came along with the reissuing of Maps and the two song, minute and a half Castle Songs. They’re both brilliant and welcome additions to the ever-growing Mixtapes discography. Companions is made up of 3 full band versions of songs that originally appeared as acoustic compositions, plus two brand new tunes. I always really like how Maura and Ryan’s voices complement each other on their acoustic tracks and hearing these songs played electrically only strengthens my opinion. Even if this EP had been released on its own and not as a, well, companion piece, it would still be strong enough to stand on its own.

    As for Castle Songs, I don’t even if two songs really counts as an EP or a single even- especially when the two songs only total one minute and forty seconds. But these two songs are really good, so I don’t think any of that matters. I’m a Genius is a cover of some Disney Channel show called Zeke and Luther, which I’ve never actually heard of until I looked it up. It is 30 seconds long and kind of a ska song. The other track, Hey Baby, is an acoustic ditty that’s a wonderful, bitter break up song to listen to. Just download it: http://www.deathtofalsehoperecords.com/downloads/dtfh080.html

    01. Masked IntruderMasked Intruder
    Pop punk band with a gimmick. I would hate it if they weren’t so awesome. Kind of like the Ramones but with more guitar solos. Available on bandcamp: http://maskedintruder.bandcamp.com/. I spoke with Blue when I got to see them in August and I’m pumped for the full length to come out. I can only hope they get out of prison to finish the mastering soon!

    Compilations/Live Albums/Reissues/Etc

    05. MixtapesMaps
    Still one of my favorite albums from 2010 to listen to but it’s even nicer to listen to while on the go now that it’s been remastered. There was always a jarring difference between the acoustic songs and electric songs but that problem is no more.

    04. Explosivo!If the Devil Has a Guitar…
    I got to see these guys open for Latterman. That was super exciting. Especially once I realized who the band members were. Apparently this album has been floating around unofficially for years but was given a proper release a few months ago. More Long Island punk needs to sound like these guys- I’m aware that such bands exist but I don’t think there are enough of them.

    03. RVIVRThe Joester Sessions
    Okay, so all these songs are only like two or three years old and I’ve heard them all already. I’m mostly including this one because of the new track, Elizabethan Collar, is extremely catchy and because having all these songs condensed together as one album helped clean up a bit of the clutter in my music library of 1000+ albums. Good stuff. (Although I’m not sure why the acoustic version of Real Mean was left off this release).

    02. The SteinwaysPromise It’ll Never Happen Again
    The Steinways are one of my favorite pop punk bands. They write short songs about girls. Sometimes those songs are borderline creepy, but they’re also silly. Much like the Joester Sessions, every song here has been heard before, as Promise It’ll Never Happen Again collects all their singles and EPs into one large collection for listening convenience. 31 tracks in 36 minutes. Essential listening for fans of the modern pop punk genre.

    01. Wugazi13 Chambers
    Mash ups are something of a novelty to me. They’re fun to listen to in my spare time but they’re never something that I enjoy listening to in my spare time or while I’m on the train. That said, 13 Chambers is on a completely different level than most mash up albums. It flows really well and if I wasn’t familiar with Fugazi I could easily be fooled into thinking that the beats were created specifically for each track. That’s some skill right there.
  • Five Favorite One-Album Bands

    19 feb 2012, 06:35 av seedboy

    A few months ago I was working as a part-time security guard at a shopping center in Queens, NY. I mentioned this briefly when I wrote my top 5 favorite songs that were on the work place playlist entry. While I was working there, I would do a whole lot of nothing and I'd spend most of my time standing at the front door and thinking up ways to make it closing time a whole lot sooner. One of my favorite ways to pass the time was to come up with top 5 lists, with the assumption that I would later create a blog entry about it and expand upon what I had written down on the paper towels that I had with me. With the exception of the aforementioned work place playlist, I never did any such thing. I mention this as an introduction to my five favorite one-album bands because I recently found that piece of paper towel that I had written on and I was reminded of all the lists I hadn't made.

    As one can probably guess from the title of this list, I have compiled five bands that I enjoy based on the number of albums that they have released (just one). I had a couple of guidelines while picking them, first and foremost I actually have to like the album in question. It would've been too easy to just appeal to the masses and tell everyone that the Germs' GI is at the number one spot when, in reality, I much prefer the Lexicon Devil EP. (I still like GI, but I kind of get bored before the album is through). Speaking of EPs, pretty much every band on this list has also released an EP or single, or even made a comp appearance at one point, but has never recorded enough material to release as a second album (unless you count compiling a bunch of outtakes and live recordings, which I don't). It took a good long internal debate about whether or not a band would make the cut if they had any EPs, but I decided that I would turn my original list into two separate lists: one full of artists that have released one album (the list you're about to read), and a second list of artists that, for whatever reason, only have a single release to their name (which you'll see tomorrow most likely).

    You'll also notice that 4 out of the 5 entries are side projects. Coincidence? Hardly. On with the bands!

    05. Blackpool Lights
    Blackpool Lights is a project that Jim Suptic started up when he wrote a bunch of songs that he didn't feel really fit with The Get Up Kids. When the Get Up Kids called it splits-ville, he made the band his priority. You know the song Ten Minutes off of Something to Write Home About that Suptic sang lead on? The Blackpool Lights album, This Town's Disaster, is an extension of that sound (I'm sure their self-titled EP is also an extension of that sound, but I have not had the pleasure of hearing it yet). While the Get Up Kids were (and still are) ever-evolving with their sound, Blackpool Lights takes it a step back to the earlier days of the band when they were still wearing their Sunny Day Real Estate and Superchunk influences on their sleeves. While the album is a great callback to 90's indie rock, Blackpool Lights quietly disappeared as the Get Up Kids returned. I probably would've ranked the band higher, but a little over a year ago they reformed and released the Okie Baroque EP through bandcamp. I wouldn't be surprised if the band records another album while the Get Up Kids take a break from touring. If they do, I'll have to revise this list.

    04. +44
    I have no trouble admitting it: I was one of the many who found the blink-182 hiatus to be devastating. Not life-shattering or anything, but it was sad to hear that these three guys, who always looked like they were having fun being goofs, had a falling out. In 2003, their "final" album got me through a lot of my roughest unbalanced hormonal phases, so it was sad to me to know that they wouldn't be making any new music together in the near future.

    Enter the post-blink-182 projects. I was excited for Angels & Airwaves at first, but it just never really clicked with me. I think it's kind of cool that Tom was willing to do something far-removed from what he's known for, it's just not music that I would really listen to ever. +44, on the other hand, was a much better transition band for me. Despite being announced as an electronic project at first, +44 wound up being more of a natural progression from blink-182 (I'm sure somewhere down the line that Angels & Airwaves is also there, but several steps down and not the immediate next one like +44). When Mark and Travis got together and recorded When Your Heart Stops Beating, they weren't trying to change the world: they were just trying to create some fun music together. What I really liked most about it is that we got an album full of Mark songs. His presence was lacking a bit on the previous blink-182 album (and for that matter, there's a lack of him singing on Neighborhoods, too), and When Your Heart Stops Beating more than makes up for that.

    03. Operation Ivy
    Uh oh. I'm bending the rules a little bit. Technically these guys only have one album (Energy) which was then compiled with their first EP and two comp tracks into one large discography (Operation Ivy, often erroneously referred to as Energy), but they've still got enough leftover material that can make up (and has made up) entire bootlegs. These guys are why I decided not to count the bootleg albums for this list. Therefore, Operation Ivy only has one proper album under their name (again, Energy), although it has been re-released under another name since its original pressing.

    What's there to say about Operation Ivy that hasn't been said? I feel like there was a brief period last decade where it became uncool in some punk circles to cite them as an influence or as your favorite band. Now that Jesse Michaels is back in the fantastic Classics of Love, it's almost like all the Operation Ivy fans have come back out. Or maybe it's just that I don't pay close enough attention to things. Either way, Operation Ivy is still one of the best ska-punk bands out there even if they have been defunct for over 20 years now and they still sound pretty fresh to this very day (except for maybe Freeze Up, where the lyrics explicitly state that "it's 1989"). No slow cuts or pauses on this album, each track is pure (*ahem*) energy.

    02. The Draft
    The Draft is what you get when a band calls it a day because one key member wants to take a break from touring but the other three don't want to take a break. So instead of just replacing the guy and continuing on as the same band (and thus running the risk of tarnishing the band's established name), they find a replacement but also come up with a new name, writing and recording music as a completely different band.

    I'm a latter-day Hot Water Music fan, so I often find that it's Chris Wollard's songs that I enjoy more. So naturally I'm drawn to an album full of songs performed by him. The music itself is also very similar to the later Hot Water Music albums, with more accessible song structures and chord progressions. With Chuck Ragan always going on the Revival Tour, I wish that the Draft would get back together and record a proper follow up instead of the few scattered singles that they have. At the same time though, there's supposed to be a new Hot Water Music album coming soon and maybe that will be enough to fill the void.

    01. Box Car Racer
    Yep, another blink-182 project. At this point, I'm sure everyone knows how Box Car Racer started because Tom DeLonge wrote a bunch of songs that were more in the vein of late 80's post-hardcore and early 90's emo (boy, it's funny how those terms have changed over the years) as opposed to the usual blink-182 style, so he set out to record them under a new name. I've discussed how, at the time I discovered this album, I had never heard anything like it before, so I won't go into details about that, but this album was kind of a game changer for me. When blink-182 announced their hiatus, I was hoping that Tom would reform Box Car Racer even if it did mean finding an actual drummer instead of just asking the drummer from his other band. Thinking back on it now though, I'm happy that Box Car Racer was left alone. I hardly think that We Don't Need to Whisper would have gotten a kind reaction if Tom has released it under the BCR moniker and in turn that negative backlash would have turned BCR into just another band with a solid debut that just couldn't follow it up. I, for one, am glad that did not happen. The Box Car Racer album is special to me, and never recording another album helps keep Box Car Racer to be a special, one-time only deal.

    There are my five, but I'm sure there are only a million bands that I overlooked. What or who are some of your favorite bands or artists with only one album to their name?

    Like what you read? Read more top 5 lists, reviews and other things at my blog!
  • Review in Haiku - Direct Hit! / Hold Tight! Split

    23 feb 2012, 18:31 av seedboy

    Trying something new, just for kicks. Direct Hit! and Hold Tight! recently released a digital split album that features both bands playing music that's heavier than what they normally play. The physical version (on 12" vinyl) comes out in March.

    Direct Hit! side
    Heavy, heavy stuff.
    Almost metal but not quite.
    Stars guest vocalist.

    Not usual fare.
    Some will love, some will hate it
    Fuck you. Get pumped. (Bitch).

    Hold Tight! side
    Fast and melodic
    Less Lifetime, more J. Shevchuk.
    Less time, more feedback.

    Raw singing, gang vox
    Big bass, chugged guitars and drums.
    Sometimes less is more.

    Things to note:
    -As mentioned on Direct Hit!'s bandcamp page: they got their friend Kyle Booth (of the band Whiskeypig) to sing on their half of this split.
    -As their bandcamp also states, these songs were originally written for a different project when the members didn't think Direct Hit! was going to last. They might as well form an alter-ego band to perform these songs.
    -It seems as of Hold Tight! has an alter-ego band of their own called Tight Hold.
    -The cover for this split is highly reminiscent of Black Flag's Damaged. Given that this split features some of the heaviest work by both bands, this is can't be a coincidence.
    -Both sides can be streamed at each band's respective bandcamp pages.
    -Yes, that is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference that I made.

    Originally posted at http://cmoncheermeup.blogspot.com/
  • Every Time I Die video interview: Ex Lives, Underwater Bimbos, Warped, Skrillex, and…

    10 mar 2012, 22:51 av BruceMcD2020

    I sat down with four fifths of Every Time I Die a few weeks back, and have posted two chunks of our chat: one on their reaction to old pal and tourmate Sonny Moore winning Grammys as Skrillex (and the intense abuse he's faced online), and one discussing the new record, Steve's return visit as bassist, and a funny anecdote about doing yet another summer on the Vans Warped Tour!

    I hope you'll check out both video clips in the latest two posts on the discussion board over at http://www.last.fm/group/proBRUCEr+and+friends, and join the group while you're there.

    If you're into them, I hope you'll take a second to give a thumbs up or a comment on YouTube and/or share the links with your music loving friends!


  • New THE JEALOUS SOUND video interview posted!

    4 jun 2012, 20:03 av BruceMcD2020

    I was lucky enough to score some sit-down time with The Jealous Sound when they swung through New York on their tour behind the reunion record “A Gentle Reminder,” and it's finally been posted online!

    Blair and crew discussed how their ‘big brother’ Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate) was largely responsible for pulling the band out of mothballs, how TJS put together the new batch of songs, the emotions the band goes through immediately before and immediately after their shows, and much more.

    I hope you’ll check it out and share with friends and fellow fans!

  • Reflection

    9 jun 2012, 22:17 av neesh

    I'm in the business of connecting people, through music, to each other, and to music. I've been doing this for well over 7 years, mostly without realizing how deep it really is.

    I'll never get paid for this, because I'll never exploit it. Them's the facts. Somehow, I'm going to bring all this to a different level... Or I suppose, just continue the evolution. Personal, professional, and web revamps are eminent.

    As sites like tumblr, facebook, and twitter are our main source of connection right now... I have no idea how we'll stay connected, once they wither away. I promise you, I'll still be here... fighting for the underground to be heard.

    A Neeshland streaming radio show is going to happen. As much as I enjoy the podcasts, it's so time consuming to edit... and then I have all that time to let my anxiety and defeating thoughts take the wheel. Live is where it's at. In a way that will allow me to take requests, and live conversation.

    I also need a job so uh... if you need any web consultation, a band site, a sturdy plan of attack for social media on the whole... holla atcha girl!

    First Neeshland Radio Attempt
    The Rose West – Feria Cinerum *
    Candy Hearts – I Want You *
    Session 606 – Infidel Musk(You Are) *
    Flannel Channel featuring Emily Long - “Be The Cause” *
    Funeral for a Friend – Red Is The New Black
    Brazil – Escape
    The Used – I Come Alive
    Anberlin – Hello Alone
    Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby
    Porcupine Tree - “Time Flies”
    Thursday - “No Answers”
    The Blood Brothers - “Love Rymes With Hideous Car Wreck”
    dredg - “The Ornament”
    Cadillac Blindside - “Empty Bottle Evening”
    ††† - “†hholyghs†” *
    Ludo - “Anything For You”
    Coheed and Cambria - “The Reaping / No World For Tomorrow”
    Coheed and Cambria - “Second Stage Turbine Blade / Time Consumer”
    Nurture - “lost in transition” *
    Thrice - “Yellow Belly”
    DriftDivision - “Hush”
    Loud? - “III” *
    Athletics - “III”
    The Flatline Symphony - “Italiocracy” *
    Hidden Hospitals - “Controlled Chaos” *
    Nightmares For A Week - “Bear Mountain” *
    Thursday - “Signals Over The Air”
    Anadivine - “Alcohol and Oxygen”
    Anadivine - “The Stalker and the Songwriter”
    Divest - “Brand New Lie”
    K.Flay - “Life = Trap” *
    Life As Lions - “On Our Own” *
    Moving Mountains - “The Cascade”
    Moving Mountains - “Once Rendering”
    Brick + Mortar - “Bangs”
    Hot Water Music - “Drag My Body”
    Excrementory Grindfuckers - “Wer Will Grindfuckers Hören?”
    P.O.S. - “P.O.S. is Ruining My Life”
    The Legion of Doom - Dangerous Business Since 1979 (Mewithoutyou vs. Underoath)
    mewithoutYou - ”February, 1878”
    Night Verses – From The Shadows Where I’m Low *
    The Sleeping – Deafening the UK
    Lower Definition – A Pending Dui
    3 – Sirenum Scopuli
    3 - React
    Murder By Death – Those Who Left
    Amesoeurs – Trouble (Éveils Infâmes)
    The Agonist – You’re Coming with Me
    ††† – The Years
    Kiss Kiss – Sixth Sense
    Kiss Kiss – A Conch To The Ear
    Kiss Kiss – Machines
    Fucktard – Get Outta My Face *
    Dead Unicorn – Chernobyl *
    8 yr old Juliet - My First Hardcore Song
    6yr old Jacob – My First Hardcore Song (response)
    The City Never Sleeps featuring Mirk and Weerd Science - “All The Effort”
    Weerd Science – “Infinity” *
    Coheed and Cambria – Deranged
    The Prize Fighter Inferno – Blood Machine (The Prize Fighter Inferno Demo)
    Session 606 – The Celebration of Nothing At All (bonus track) *
    The Mars Volta – L’Via L’Viaquez
    Nicki Minaj Feat 2 Chainz – Beez In The Trap
    Bloodbath – Eaten
    Glassjaw – Black Nurse
    With the Punches – I Told You Already
    With the Punches – No… I’m Not Going To 80’s Night
    Athletics – III
    Double Take – Hot Problems

    * = free download. Click it to grab the mp3!
  • Pop Punk/Rock/Alternative/Emo room on Turntable.FM’s top songs from January 2012

    26 feb 2012, 02:26 av BestRoomOnTT

    Hey all! So we've got a bot in the room now, well since about Christmas. She's @bestroomontt and collects stats for us, as well as spits out some useful information.

    Is there a noob in the room? Type "/intro" and she'll post the link to a helpful guide

    Really into a song being played? Type "/ro" or "/rockout"
    Once that command is typed by 3 different people, she'll begin to bop her head and award the DJ a bonus point!

    Some of the stats she collects are the top 10 most awesomed songs, as well as the top 10 most played songs.

    This is what the standings were on February 1st, 2012

    1. The Killing Tree - “Dressed to Fuck
    2. The Dear Hunter - “Red Hands
    3. With the Punches - “Burned at Both Ends
    4. Defeater - “I Don’t Mind
    5. Athletics - “August
    6. Handguns - “I Hope He Kills You
    7. Man Overboard - “Dear You
    8. Athletics - “I Am Withdrawal
    9. Moving Mountains - “Tired Tiger
    10. Childish Gambino - “Heartbeat
    11. Joyce Manor - “Constant Headache
    12. The Starting Line - “Best Of Me

    It's so much fun to see how much things have changed, in just 25 days!
    The stats are stored at http://www.bestroomontt.com

    She also keeps track of who played what on which day.

    Disagree with the standings? Rep what you think should be up there by spinning it!

  • We were Turntable.FM's Room of the Week!

    14 dec 2011, 03:58 av BestRoomOnTT