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A group for fans of Arsenal.

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  • brite4

    I really can't fathom what Wenger is doing. Why mess with the formation when it doesn't need to be tinkered with? Why must the fullbacks bomb ahead so bloody recklessly? It leaves the defence exposed and offers no protection whatsoever. What is the point of playing Ozil out wide? He's a No. 10 and should be played in the middle. If he's not going to be played in his proper position then you might as well not play him at all, Enough said about the CB and DM problems we have. Another thing is Wenger has this tendency to run his players to the ground. Against Dortmund he should have dropped Ozil and Ramsey and played Rosicky and Ox but instead choose to stick with the exact same team that played against Shitty bar Bellerin and Gibbs. Come December the players will be burned out due to a lack of rotation.

    18 sep 22:34 Svara
  • TheLe0

    I don't know why the hell lent Jenkinson to Wst Ham, is right that he isn't a notable player, but now, could help a little more....

    18 sep 16:28 Svara
  • brite4

    So now we're down to 5 defenders, Great planning there Wenger!

    14 sep 15:53 Svara
  • brite4

    Better pray we don't suffer an injury crisis at the back. Really you would think a CB would have been brought in.

    2 sep 16:18 Svara
  • SimonePerrota

    Sadly it is the same old Arsenal. We're still replacing instead of adding. Not fucking good enough. 6 defenders? Holy Christ...

    2 sep 09:19 Svara
  • brite4

    Judging by Podolski's performance he should be sold. I don't know why the fuck Wenger is playing Ozil out wide. I hate this 4-1-4-1 crap. Wenger isn't picking the right formation for the players. It's making our play disjointed and lacking cohesiveness. Go back to the 4-2-3-1 which works for us. It's frustrating watching us play like this.

    31 aug 21:47 Svara
  • SimonePerrota

    Unless Wenger has a replacement is line, selling Podolski is madness. Still 3 players away from realistically challenging, maybe even 4 now.

    25 aug 13:18 Svara
  • Irrelevant_C

    Same old Arsenal

    21 aug 19:25 Svara
  • brite4

    Disapponting result and another bloody injury. Giroud was terrible. It's just painful to see him being the first choice at Arsenal. We have such paltry options in the striking department. Cazorla was poor against Crystal Palace and he was poor again against Besiktas. Why not play Ox or Campbell out wide? Or why not give Campbell a chance up front? We're down to 1 DM, Koscielny is still struggling and still no sign of a CB coming.

    20 aug 11:47 Svara
  • TheLe0

    Top of the table in the first week, well done team, maybe the return is becoming true....

    17 aug 21:44 Svara
  • MirelaaJ

    Arsenal for life! I hope that this season will be much more successful, only that there is no injuries as always, and the title is ours!

    6 aug 18:21 Svara
  • brite4

    Well done to Arsenal! For acting so incisively and getting the player quickly and efficiently. That's more like it. Wenger still has the pull over players.

    10 jul 21:58 Svara
  • SimonePerrota

    We got him! Yesssssss!!!

    10 jul 20:59 Svara
  • brite4

    Don't expect signings to be announced before the Puma launch this Thursday. Arsenal will want everything to be completed properly like pictures taken of the player with the kit. Perhaps this Thursday or Friday will bring us some good news.

    7 jul 14:39 Svara
  • TheLe0

    And about Fàbregas, we don't need more one shipowner, and he is very bad on this position, one need strikers and raplaces for Sagna and Fabiansky. Cesc said in 2010 that if one day we would dress a Chelsea's shirt he would die. So I think he wants to do suicide. XD 0.0

    3 jul 18:51 Svara
  • TheLe0

    This week saw a lot of news (no officials yet), connecting Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal, with a possible move. Some said that Arsenal did a bid of 20 million, but appears that officialy the club didn't. Some places said that is a choice of him to go want to join the club.But, have to wait to see with this is really true,or just more one fake "possible move".... Hope that someone comes....

    3 jul 01:55 Svara
  • Irrelevant_C

    Balotelli has potential to be brilliant but do we really want to take the risk with him? Other wise could go for Remy but he'll never be the 30 goal per season striker that we need. Tough decisions for Wenger to make in the future

    15 jun 14:44 Svara
  • brite4

    It's going to be difficult finding that forward we need. Not that many choices.

    2 jun 10:03 Svara
  • SimonePerrota

    I agree with you. If we were to buy back Fabregas, chances are it would be at the expense of a potential signing in another, more important position. We're utterly stacked as far as creative midfielders go and if it were up to me then I'd focus my attention elsewhere. That said, I'd still welcome him back... nothing wrong with more quality.

    1 jun 21:07 Svara
  • brite4

    Would you guys want Cesc back? I'm torn about it. I would have thought a DM would be a priority and if we were to forgo one and bought Cesc instead, that would not be good. Of course there's also the question of whether Wenger wants him and if Cesc wants to come back to Arsenal.

    1 jun 18:22 Svara
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