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A group for fans of Arsenal.

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  • SimonePerrota

    Oh man though, if we got knocked out by Monaco I won't know howta act.

    19 dec 21:51 Svara
  • Irrelevant_C

    Well we got Monaco, maybe our luck is changing?

    17 dec 14:00 Svara
  • Spenno_

    Going to be a crazy three weeks from Liverpool onwards, I get the feeling we'll be roughly in the same position by early Jan.

    14 dec 00:18 Svara
  • brite4

    Arsenal a club with an endless list of injuries. One comes back, another gets crocked. Thanks a bunch Wenger for not strengthening us at the back. What a clusterfuck.

    12 dec 22:44 Svara
  • kulohryz1

    I don't understand why Wenger always forget to use all substitutes. Same squad every game, so many injured players and he don't let anyone rest. If he had good day he would probably make one substitution in 89´ or may be two when somebody got injured. Last game in PL when he used all 3 was on November 9.

    8 dec 23:02 Svara
  • brite4

    Every time we take a step forward, something happens and we take 2 steps back. The FA Cup win was supposed to be this springboard for us to achieve better things but we have regressed. No defensive depth, still relying on Flamini and Arteta, changing the formation - all this lead to disjointed displays, no solidity in defence and no chohesion at all. As long as Wenger keep on deluding himself that his way is the best way Arsenal will keep on stagnating. We'll keep on repeating the same vicious cycle again and again.

    9 nov 21:50 Svara
  • SimonePerrota

    I'll support Wenger out of obligation and for the good of the club but it really is time for something new. Swansea, United, Dortmund and Galatasaray will be key upcoming games. If those go awry then I'll be a little less tolerant.

    6 nov 08:52 Svara
  • TheLe0

    It's a sign that the doctors and physiotherapists are a shame, must change. They said that Kallstrom was OK to play, first trainning, and he get injured. (-.-) .

    13 okt 01:47 Svara
  • SimonePerrota

    Now we have a full-blown injury crisis on our hands. Good thing football isn't the only sport I follow...

    10 okt 15:31 Svara
  • brite4

    Damn tired of the same old shit.

    28 sep 20:06 Svara
  • Yaw_

    I can accept all - draw wit man city, leicester and wit everton, but wit THAT SHIT? "I don't understand that"

    28 sep 12:29 Svara
  • brite4

    One shouldn't fear change. It can be good for you. Wenger isn't going to manage us forever. I agree with SimonePerrota. I don't think we 'll win another title or the CL under Wenger. He's too set in his ways. Too inflexible and too stubborn. He keeps repeating the same mistakes and he never seems to learn from it.

    26 sep 20:13 Svara
  • TheLe0

    Everybody are afraid that if Wenger leaves, will start the decadense of the club, like with Manchester United. But, with Everton this change( David Moyes to Roberto Martinez), was a very good change, because they are stronger, and making a good team. Maybe, is time to Wenger go. I really admire and respect him, for everything that he did, but we can't leave only with the past/memories.

    26 sep 19:21 Svara
  • SimonePerrota

    Of course, I'm fully aware that if Wenger were to leave now we'd be in all kinds of trouble considering the current lack of football nous at the top...

    26 sep 13:32 Svara
  • SimonePerrota

    I think Rudi Garcia and Ancelotti would be at the top of my list but I'd have to give it some mort thought to be quite honest. And sadly no, I don't believe Wenger is capable of leading us to another title (not the PL or CL anyway), let alone put us in an adequate position to do so. It's early days this season but so far I haven't seen Wenger get the best out of the players at his disposal and the squad is as imbalanced as it's ever been. Too many homogenous midfielders, a surplus amount of forwards and not nearly enough at the back. I want a manager that's proactive, rather than reactive, someone who doesn't abandon a search for a player as soon as ONE deal falls through... Wenger lacks the foresight and ruthlessness you need in modern-day football and for all the progress that's been made in the last year and a half, we're still plagued by decade-old deficiencies.

    26 sep 13:25 Svara
  • TheLe0

    I agree with you, Ozil is a player to be playing in the middle. I agree with the fact that Wenger isn't "in form" to manage the club, because the team suffer a lot, everytime injuries, only replacing old players. I think someone like Jürgen Klopp or Diego Simeone, i know that is almost impossible this two coachs come, because everyone want them, and they want to stay in their clubs. But someone that play in theirs ways, that not contract players with "names"/"old reputation". Sorry for meddle in your conversaton.

    25 sep 20:04 Svara
  • brite4

    So SimonePerrota who would you want to replace Wenger? Do you think he is capable of leading us to another title?

    25 sep 14:59 Svara
  • SimonePerrota

    At this point, I'd like to see Wenger go - but only if the circumstances were right. We have an inept board and a dodgy majority stakeholder... as it stands, getting rid of Wenger would be equivalent to ripping off a band aid too quickly and taking most of the underlying flesh with it.

    25 sep 13:03 Svara
  • brite4

    I really can't fathom what Wenger is doing. Why mess with the formation when it doesn't need to be tinkered with? Why must the fullbacks bomb ahead so bloody recklessly? It leaves the defence exposed and offers no protection whatsoever. What is the point of playing Ozil out wide? He's a No. 10 and should be played in the middle. If he's not going to be played in his proper position then you might as well not play him at all, Enough said about the CB and DM problems we have. Another thing is Wenger has this tendency to run his players to the ground. Against Dortmund he should have dropped Ozil and Ramsey and played Rosicky and Ox but instead choose to stick with the exact same team that played against Shitty bar Bellerin and Gibbs. Come December the players will be burned out due to a lack of rotation.

    18 sep 22:34 Svara
  • TheLe0

    I don't know why the hell lent Jenkinson to Wst Ham, is right that he isn't a notable player, but now, could help a little more....

    18 sep 16:28 Svara
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