Homophobia on last.fm

  • Homophobia on last.fm

    Has anyone noticed that moderators appear to take no interest in responding to homophobia on artist pages? You can endure literal pages of "faggot" without so much as a glance from a moderator. If they were saying racist phrases, I'm sure it would be a different story, even though discrimination is still discrimination.

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    • 3 nov 2010, 18:51
    I have noticed that. In fact, it's hard to find a page on last.fm without "faggot" being used in a derogatory manner. I'm against censorship, so I think the comments should be allowed, BUT if the "faggot" comments are allowed, the racist comments should be allowed. You can't market some discrimination as 'acceptable' and then remove others.

  • Unfortunately it's the same story as in "real" life...

  • I agree with your analysis, very sad, but as born-in-xixax said, it's only a reflect of the society where we live

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    • 28 jan 2011, 18:38
    I don't agree with you because i've seen many groups that are racist and promote white supremacy. Just type in the "white power" tag.

  • wrednyolek is right, and that's a real shame :(

  • youtube too

    I see the word "fag" when people argue on almost every video in youtube and there's probably a lot on last.fm too but i haven't seen it yet. I hate when people use that word to insult each other. I cringe in disgust when i hear it.

  • I hear you HeadphoneGirl11 :( I think the worse is when homophobic insults are used in a general manner. The sad thing is today most of insults are related to homosexuality, as if it was normal to laugh at it. That's depressing...

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