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Skapad den: 27 aug 2006
Everything about anime sucks. The fans, the movies, the tv shows, the trading cards -- it's flat out terrible. Join this group if you hate or are annoyed by anime bullshit.

If you hate anime, this group is for you.

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  • wee_ewan

    lol irony

    5 nov 01:41 Svara
  • GreyGrooves

    Remember Pearl Harbor?

    21 okt 17:12 Svara

    anime fans = pussy af

    27 sep 21:08 Svara
  • witchkarin

    anime kills

    17 sep 21:08 Svara
  • Deagger

    Anime is animal abuse and will turn you into an antisocial neonazi

    14 sep 06:22 Svara
  • Venusfly91 dr rabbit knows

    13 sep 03:48 Svara
  • Sixers-kun

    I just completed basic training. You know what the best part was? No anime.

    12 sep 22:39 Svara
  • koabear0

    why else would hitler team up with japan? because of the anime titty

    7 sep 01:43 Svara
  • loliloops

    the jews didnt accept him into art school because all he would draw was anime what a fXXking nerd

    26 aug 02:02 Svara
  • Merzbow666

    all joking aside, thats actually true. he legitimately said once that sword art online was his favorite anime.

    25 aug 19:36 Svara
  • Start_Swirl

    Hitler watched anime

    19 aug 21:06 Svara
  • koabear0

    animes turned me gay! i want a refund!

    18 aug 04:38 Svara
  • Merzbow666

    how does it feel to know that you caused the inevitable downfall of humanity

    31 jul 20:06 Svara
  • epomme

    it was me who invented anime, ask me anything but dont be rude

    29 jul 15:34 Svara
  • MoogInRow

    my younger brother watches anime he is no longer here

    25 jul 00:56 Svara
  • ShamrockFox

    socially rejected thing for japanese people

    23 jul 09:05 Svara
  • OG-Gurda

    japanese thing for socially rejected people.

    10 jul 09:21 Svara
  • Venusfly91

    Q:What do I do if the leader of a group I'm a member of isn't around anymore? A: Unfortunately group leader changes aren't possible at the moment. We're sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Please keep an eye on this FAQ for further updates.

    9 jul 02:34 Svara
  • GammaBlaster

    Leaders: None! (Want to run for leader? See our groups help section for what you can do.)

    7 jul 13:13 Svara
  • GammaBlaster

    I think I'm now convinced anime fans are even lower than Furries. At least furries admit to their perverse nature and don't try to holding their obsession so high above everyone else.

    7 jul 13:13 Svara
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