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A group for fans of the band Angels & Airwaves.

Group Overview
Whether you're an occasional listener or a die-hard fan of AVA, this group is here for you. Discussion and chatting about the band and the music with other fans is encouraged, as is sharing recommendations and talking about anything at all.

This is an open group, and everyone is allowed to post in the forum and submit journal entries/articles as they see fit. Discussion is encouraged about any and all topics to a certain degree. Any sort of obligatory bashing or flamebating (i.e. "OMG UR MUSIK SUX!!") will be deleted, if anything because those sorts of comments are a waste of everyone's time. If you don't like AVA - first off, why join a group for fans if you dislike them? - you can express your reasons in a respectable manner. Debates are okay. Being a dick isn't.

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