When is the new AC/DC album coming out?
    Please tell me!!

  • Hopefully soon.

    I hope they put it out by the end of the year..and I hope it can sound more like Powerage. They were trying to that with Stiff Upper Lip but except for a few glimpses of past glory I don't think that album hit the mark that well. They need to just get back to bluesy ballsy rock...Hard Fast and Heavily Blues laced tunes...Riff Raff, Overdose, Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be, Gimme A Bullet, Kicked In The Teeth, Gone Shootin', Down Payment Blues...that's the type of tunes they need to make again.

    That will be very hard though..and I think they need a different lead singer to pull that off.

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    • 30 maj 2006, 11:06
    I disagree about Stiff Upper Lip- the title track has to be one of my favourite 'DC songs, along with Shoot To Thrill. Personally, I think a Powerage/Let There Be Rock hybrid would be great.

    It would be pointless to release an album for the sake of releasing an album, though. They're a great, hugely popular band so if they release a new album there's always gonna be people who love it and people who hate it, but unless it's a great album, I wouldn't want them to release it anyway.

  • I'm sorry to say I don't think they've released a good album since 'For Those About To Rock...'. I think they've reached the point where there isn't the need or hunger to do much, and they're getting old!

    They'll always be one of my favourite bands, but I don't hold out much hope for new material that will thrill like it used to.

    Still, who knows? I'd love to be proved wrong.

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    • 1 jun 2006, 07:09
    They've had their moments since The Razor's Edge if you ask me (Hard as a Rock, Stiff Upper Lip), but it's not about making good songs, it's about making good albums.

  • didnt they say it was coming out in 2005 or something

    but anyway, i think they have to work hard to really make a good album, i dont think we can expect a new back in black, instead i moddest stiff upper lip, wich by the way rocked

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    • 10 jun 2006, 06:05
    2007, they want their current record deal to run out

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  • Stiff Upper Lip was better than Ballbreaker (that wouldn't be hard) but not nearly in the same league as their early stuff from the 70's/early 80's. I do hope they put out a tight heavy rockin' bluesy album just to show they still have what it takes.

    They basically put new stuff out now every 5 years or so... Razor's Edge 1990/Ballbreaker 1995/Stiff Upper Lip 2000/New Album 2006?

    That pace is certainly not the pace of a "hungry" band full of raw material pouring out of them. You'd think with only having to come up with 10 or so songs every five years that they'd be able to come up with a pretty solid effort each time but really I think their last 3 studio albums have had a lot of filler each time with only a couple memorably good tracks on each. The albums certainly don't sound that "raw" and energetic...but rather of a band trying hard to play songs that don't sound like they are selling out. They certainly haven't sold out and I'll give them credit for that...but they haven't made a GREAT album lately either which for a fan is pretty disheartening as well.

    Their early albums were just the opposite and the band at their peak with Bon had ZERO filler.

    I'd love to see all that experience Angus and Malcolm have result in an amazing album this time out... hopefully Brian can sing like he did on BIB... doubt that's possible though.

    I buy and listen to everything they put out with hopes they will somehow rise again to that level when they were absolutely devastating with Bon as the front man... but I'm dissapointed so far in the last 15 years. The 80's were a mixed bag after BIB... many good songs but not really a GREAT album since BIB...Flick of The Switch being probably their tighest effort really, more metal based with kick but certainly not up to the level of Bon's best stuff...Fly On THe Wall being something that sounds like the cat drug in...half dead and unfinished sounding.

    FTATRWSY was decent but somewhat "anemic"... and showed the 1st signs of not being a "fresh" album...the songs sounded somewhat repetative... like decent sounding filler throughout. Blow Up Your Video...good bordering on great but again somewhat lacking when compared to early stuff...but way better than Fly On TheWall(again not hard to upstage that mess).

    I really would like to hear the band with a new lead singer as I think bass, rhythym, lead and drums are's the singer that I think is somewhat holding them down... creatively I don't think Brian adds much to the band anymore and I think a new spark is what they need.

    He's been with them now for 26 years so its probably blasphemous to say he should go...but I really wish he would and someone else would step in to try and deliver some new energy to the band. Bon and AC/DC were perfect together...more than the sum of the parts and now they are just a band...the fire and desire has dwindled ever since.

    I'd love it if they got a new hungry bluesy rocker for a lead singer... someone who's starving preferably :)...who wants to sing for a living... who grew up dreaming about being a rock n' roll singer.

    New Blood would be an Excellent album title if they could find a young Bon Scott type lurking in the shadows of a smokey club somewhere... there has to be another singer somewhere that could reach at least close to Bon's genius with the band and get the juices and energy and fire flowing in the band again.

    Bon was somewhat of a father figure to the band when they started out being much older than the rest of the band...and I think it would be a great "full circle" event if the band could now take a new young lead singer into their group and see what that energy could produce.

    I can dream.

  • No new singer

    Back in the 70's AC/DC was a touring band, and the songs and energy reflected a life of hard living on the road. As soon as the band made it's millions, and only toured every five years or so, I think it was beyond saving. I saw them live just to hear the greatest hits. I don't think a new singer would really help much.

    We might be lucky with a new album if it strips things back and is a genuine effort by the band to have a good time, but if it's just filler to justify another tour then I'd prefer they didn't bother.

    Still, here's hoping... =)

    • wizoo sa...
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    • 15 jun 2006, 15:41
    I just hope they'll start recording it soon, they took a long brake since their last album.

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    • CptWenis sa...
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    • 20 jul 2006, 23:55
    In April 2006 Malcom Young said that they were recording and writing matieral for the new album.

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  • Hi, i'm new here!

    i'm a really big fan of AC/DC. I know them since i'm 11 years old. My firts song i've listened to was "Stiff upper Lip". It blowed me away! AC/DC is just a great rock band. Songs like "Highway to hell", "Hells Bells" or "Back in Black" are unforgetable in the history of rock.

    I'm a bit disapointed about th new album. It's 6 years ago since SUL was released and it's really time to come out with the new album. I think in autumn/winter the new album will come.

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    • daaavis sa...
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    • 23 jul 2006, 17:54
    I think in october. Dont know its true, but something like that i heard

    • Kallie92 sa...
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    • 24 jul 2006, 17:19
    I hope it comes as soon as possible

  • Concept album?

    I heard some rumours about it being a double album or smth. But I think it would be great if they actually made a concept album. I mean, Iron Maiden did it! (2003's Dance of Death). I don't see why AC/DC can't do a concept album with a certain storyline. And make Rosie the heroine!!

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    • 29 jul 2006, 00:35
    Hope it comes out soon.

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    • 29 jul 2006, 11:42
    wetwebwork2 said:
    I'm sorry to say I don't think they've released a good album since 'For Those About To Rock...'. I think they've reached the point where there isn't the need or hunger to do much, and they're getting old!

    They'll always be one of my favourite bands, but I don't hold out much hope for new material that will thrill like it used to.

    Still, who knows? I'd love to be proved wrong.

    I agree with you there. Back In Black was their last truly great album, and that was 26 years ago! I think that the new album might be out this year. Although I'd rather wait a while for something that is good rather than them rushing out something shit like Fly On The Wall.

  • Wikipedia say's there are signs at mid to late 2007 release, I'm not sure though. I agree with wetweb though, there doesn't seem much to rebel against except maybe modern rock and indie and how overall 'antirock' it's all become. But they've only been releasing albums every 4-5 years now anyway...looks like this one will be at least a 7 year wait.

    • Ullic sa...
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    • 4 jan 2007, 19:32
    Personally, I liked the Stiff Upper Lip album. Sure, it wasn't quite as good as some of their earlier efforts but I thought it still rocked. The three singles were great (Stiff Upper Lip, Satellite Blues, Safe in New York City) and most of the other songs were good, especially House of Jazz, Can't Stand Still and Give It Up. I do hope they come out with another winning album's been too long since they've had something new.


    Despite reports doing the internet rounds, AC/DC do not have a new record titled 'Strap It On' coming in 2007, nor are they anywhere near completing the new record.

    AC/DC fan sites and forums have been buzzing with the news of the new album title but according to Albert Music boss Fifa Riccobono, the rumours aren't on the money.

    "I ran that past Mal (Young) some time ago and he said it was the first he'd heard of it, so I guess the answer no" she tells Undercover News. "Also, there definitely is no release date scheduled as the album hasn't been recorded yet."

    While fans may have to wait that little bit longer for new music from Acca Dacca, the Australian indie chart is plastered with classic AC/DC albums this week.

    According to, AC/DC are back in the Australian indie chart with:

    10. High Voltage
    14. Who Made Who
    17. Blow Up Your Video
    18. Live

    AC/DC fans can also look forward to a new book in January. Sydney journo Murray Engelheart's 'AC/DC: Maximum Rock & Roll' will be released in the USA on January 2nd.

    Engelheart wrote the ultimate AC/DC history based on 1500 hours of interviews conducted over a decade and a half. The book is then the culmination of 5 years work between Engelheart and co-author Arnaud Durieux.

    The book was released in Australia in October through Harper Collins.

    Got this off a finnish music site. No idea of the original source.

  • My stepdad heard some guy on the radio saying that he knows AC/DC well, and that they say they are going to release this upcoming album, tour for it, then be done. I hope this isn't the case.

  • I dfon't really believee a finish music site. I believe wikipedia,

  • hi

    late 2007

  • raydoathome1 said:
    late 2007

    oh, because of Brian's voice? I heard Brian has some problems with his singing. I hope it will be better:( I want to go to the concert soon...

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  • Some more rumours and potential info on the upcoming album...

    "Lads, this information is fairly accurate and comes from a very close source of the band.
    The album will be recorded in Flashpoint Studios, Surry Hills, Sydney and will take about nine weeks to do over June/July/August 2007. Kevin Shirley will produce and George Young will Co-produce and oversee production. Mark Opitz will engineer. They have booked the time under their own name. All of the vocals will be put down in June in The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver. Other instrumental post production (i.e. overdubs if any)will also be done at Warehouse studio Vancouver under the guidance of George. George Marino the Senior Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound, New York is booked to master the disc however a mastering date is yet to be set. That has been the entire delay. Apparently they did not want anyone else to do it. The name of the album has not been decided. Album content although written, has not yet been decided. A Tour will not be undertaken this year.
    You will find this information 100% correct.
    Cheers !!"

    Cliff Williams:

    "The band’s been on an extended vacation. We could make a new album and then go on tour later this year. We’re scattered to the four corners of the world. I’m here, [singer] Brian Johnson is in Sarasota, [drummer] Phil Rudd is in New Zealand, and [guitarists] Malcolm and Angus Young hop between Australia and England. We’re a bunch of old guys now. It takes dynamite to get us out of our rocking chairs. Once we get rolling, an album can take as long as a year or as little as three months, which was the case with the last one."

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