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Skapad den: 23 dec 2004
The original “Born” group… All the others are imitators.
For people born in the year 1989. :)
For those unlucky ones who aren't......


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  • Luky7


    1 nov 04:39 Svara
  • Luky7

    * Czech Hip-Hop

    23 okt 17:56 Svara
  • Luky7


    22 okt 22:29 Svara
  • Luky7


    18 okt 04:53 Svara
  • junkisland

    I'm still a couple months away from 25, but I hope it starts better than how my 24th year is ending.

    13 sep 23:16 Svara
  • leighdobson

    I'm one of the few in my circle of friends that is married, which is weird because I'm probably the least mature. I got married in Las Vegas to a girl I'd only met for the first time 7 days earlier and missed my flight home to do it YOLO style with rings that didn't even fit our fingers properly. So basically my point is... people do crazy shit and you shouldn't worry too much about what anyone else is doing. If you are happy then that is all that matters ~

    31 aug 18:15 Svara
  • perryfect

    Drunk post, so a sincere post Aerjuu :) Don't let other people fool you. Myself, I don't want to have kids till I'm somewhere in my thirties. So I just keep myself from worrying about that for the coming 10 years.

    21 aug 21:03 Svara
  • dimar292

    DIMAR292 DMITRY ZHURAVLEV artist profile on Songstall http://www.songstall.com/DMITRY

    16 aug 10:56 Svara
  • Aerjuu

    So now i'm 25. That number scares me. But it doesn't seem to bother others, just me. Seeing how my old classmates are getting married and having babies is disturbing. i don't want anything of that just yet. but not wanting that i feel like an outsider. lol. Reunion is coming and i really hope that i'm not the only one single and with empty cradle. :) P.S. this is drunk post.

    12 aug 22:34 Svara
  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia dla wszystkich członków grupy

    10 aug 20:33 Svara
  • brownieboy

    Nice to know i've lived in 4 different decades and still only 25

    8 jul 16:09 Svara
  • Swokor

    still 24 :)

    2 jul 12:09 Svara
  • perryfect

    Cheers Aerjuu! I just realised that I'll be 25 in exactly one month from now. For those who already are 25: Is 25 any differen than 24? Do people react differently when you tell them you're 25 instead of 24? Any jokes?

    19 jun 10:01 Svara
  • Aerjuu

    i'm a member of this group for about 5 years.. I like getting older with all these cool people i share the same year of birth with. :) Cheers!

    16 jun 15:58 Svara
  • Djelu

    http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Secret+Avenue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 jun 13:32 Svara
  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia dla wszystkich członków grupy

    25 maj 10:20 Svara
  • khanhtoan1611

    Last.fm is the 1st place I feel old when being 24 y.o, except for high school, lol =))

    18 maj 04:11 Svara
  • perryfect


    9 apr 18:19 Svara
  • hhjjkkjj


    6 mar 17:19 Svara
  • hhjjkkjj


    6 mar 17:08 Svara
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