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Skapad den: 22 mar 2012
Для мене рідна - українська.
Співоча, об'єктивно і суб'єктивно одна з найгарніших, входить до 15-20-ти найпоширеніших мов світу

There are from 6800 to 6900 distinct languages in the modern world.
I love my native language.

J'aime ma langue natale.
Ich liebe meine Muttersprache.
What about you?

•The population of Europe is about ¼ of the whole world, but Europeans speak only 234 languages.
•About 94% of all languages are regularly spoken by just 6% of the population of the world.
•Most languages are constantly used by less than one thousand native speakers.
•K. David Harrison, a linguist from the Swarthmore College, predicts that by 2050 about 90% of spoken languages will be dead.
•In Papua New Guinea there are less than 5.5 million citizens and about 830 languages spoken by them.
•Esperanto is the most popular artificial language.
•The number of speakers of English in China is larger than in the USA.

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