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Hello, /mu/tants!

The /mu/ Book Club functions like (wait for it) a book club. Each Sunday, we choose an album. The following Sunday, we discuss it in-depth. Check out the Overview for more...

The /mu/ Book Club is a group wherein /mu/tants (exhaustively) discuss an album of the previous week’s choosing. The idea for a /mu/-driven discussion group came up in some thread in early May 2010. I -- Kid B [2] on /mu/ -- decided to take on the idea and organized it into a weekly thing.

The reason for the book club is simple: it gives everyone ample time to listen to the week’s chosen album, it promotes musical and thematic discussion, and it (ideally) gives us some sense of community. The Book Club threads will be much like listen-alongs -- except the listening will have already been done, and the discussion will be front-and-center.


Q: How is each album chosen?
A: It’ll be based on the ‘doubles’ method used for listen-alongs, although in this case the majority has to agree to the chosen album.

Q: I was at my bro’s wedding on Sunday and don’t know what we’re listening to for next week. Wat do?
A: The record, along with a working link, will be posted in the Last.fm group (check the Discussions).

Q: What time will the discussion thread begin?
A: The ‘official’ thread will probably be created at around 4 PM EST - but if you don’t see one, create one yourself!

Q: This’ll never work.
A: You’re probs right and all . . . but it’s worth a shot.

Happy listening everyone!

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