• Neutral Milk Hotel, Boulder

    2 apr 2014, 12:44 av octoCase

    Sun 30 Mar – Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power

    i saw jeff walking outside and was too scared to talk to him

    10/10 best new concert
  • 2013 Album Ratings

    3 jan 2013, 21:14 av TheeFringe

  • Dear Diary

    22 nov 2012, 03:03 av Shootan

    I pooped today
  • My New Music Video Show: A Lunatic's Playlist

    4 mar 2012, 08:55 av olboyfloats

    Episode One: Around the World

    Episode Two: Illuminati Girls Rock!!

    I'm working on future episodes now, and would like input on lesser known bands to feature. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Ideas I have so far for future episodes that I could use specific video suggestions for:
    Bands that don't fit any genre
    Nouvelle scene francaise
    Post-Black Metal Experimental Bands
  • Mastodon's™ latest delivery!

    25 jan 2012, 20:11 av Mouth_Breather

    Mastodon™, one of the Internet's best catalogued t-shirt making companies, have gone back to their long forgotten and distant roots and posthumously released an album back in September titled "The Hunter" - presumably named after the actions they partake in hunting their fan's parent's credit accounts to market their shoes, wallets, beer koozies, home abortion kits and other tat with their names.

    As I listen to “The Hunter”, I sit in awe and wonder at the thoughtful lyrics and the amount of work and sheer temerity – don’t take it from me, just read from “Curl of the Burl”; I killed a man, cause he killed my goat - I put my hands around his throat.

    Monumental. Stuff.

    And with illuminative song titles such as “Blasteroid” and “Stargasm” – it’s easy to forget of early albums such as “Remission” and “Leviathan” – mere stepping stones, to the now enthralling and orgasm inducing “The Hunter”. No, gone are the BORING and STUPID riffs that once were hailed as “original” and “cutting edge” by pseudo-intellectuals, gone are the “clever thematics” and “unique” approaches to songs – once described by people who actually called themselves “fans”. Instead we are pleased to see more re-hashed, recycled riffs from their previous album “AssCrack in my Eye” or colloquially known as “Crack tha Skyii”.

    The band have also been exploring new and interesting ways to develop their sound, namely by inhaling vast quantities of petroleum and deciding on letting other band members sing such as Brent Hinds – which has done something no other band can seem to do – make their songs sound as if they are being sung by a badger being set alight and made to bark the alphabet. Truly innovative approaches in this album guys.

    All of these delicately engineered and refined elements combine to form exactly what the modern Mastodon™ fan needs; a wall of textured white noise where there is minimal semblance of any kind of variation between songs, with the most basic of lyrics, and with a revolving door of guest vocalists. I feel that the band can go a few steps further and include more products in their line-up through their music itself. For example, songs can feature mini-advertisements where they can sing about some sort of new design of Vans™ shoes which traverse Rasputin’s stargasmic wormhole or something. I don’t know, all I know is that there should be considerations made to their repertoire of products for sale.

    Shoes, wallets, masonic aprons, buttplugs, bar mitzvah certificates are not enough, the boys have to sit down and have a serious think on how they can combine their new approach to music with the sellability of their merchandise.
    All in all The Hunter scores very high in my top 10, a resounding success no doubt, but will the novelty wear out? Or are Mastodon™ wearing their (officially endorsed) thinking caps and revelling in the success?

    Only time will tell.
    (Mastodon official watches on sale soon).


    The Hunter

  • Confessions of a Lunatic Pope - A Chance to Participate in History

    25 jan 2012, 01:23 av olboyfloats


    Another "Greatest Story Ever Told?"

    Confessions of a Lunatic Pope is the memoir series of Timothy Bowen, a Pope of Discordianism and High Priest and Ordained Minister of The Church of the Subgenius, author of two poetry collections, and the Discordian Holy Books Voices of Chaos and Jonesboria Discordia, and former front-man for numerous and infamous local bands in the Jonesboro, Arkansas area.

    So far, there is already a soundtrack album available, and the first book volume is just about finished.

    Do not be fooled into thinking this is your average memoir series. Not only does this experimental book series have one soundtrack so far, but it also utilizes a hyper-modern writing process that allows for immediate feedback, in that each section of the book is posted live on this blog as it's written.

    The Divine Impact

    This campaign is to help get full distribution for the book Confessions of a Lunatic Pope Volume 1: Soft Spoken Changes Nothing. It will be available in all major stores and online booksellers, as well as be available to public libraries. Seriously, you'll be able to request this book at your local library!! This will help spread the world about alternate religion, Discordianism, Subgeniusism, and my overall awesomeness to a world that may finally be ready for such great things!!
    What The World Needs & What an Amazing Future Awaits Us

    "Thank You" in the Book: $1
    Have your name in print! I will thank everyone who donates even $1 in the "thank you" section of the book!!

    Signed Book (US): $10 (International): $20
    A signed copy of the book

    Signed Soundtrack CD (US): $10 (International): $20
    A signed copy of the Soundtrack CD

    Signed Book & CD Bundle (US): $15 (International): $30
    A signed copy of both the book and the soundtrack CD

    My Complete Works Signed (US): $100 (International): $150
    I will send you a signed copy of everything I have published so far. This includes both of my poetry books, The Jonesboria Discordia, Voices of Chaos, and Confessions Vol 1, as well as signed CDs of the Confessions Soundtrack AS WELL AS my CD "This is how I Struggle." That's 5 books and 2 CDs!!

    BE MY PUBLISHER!!!: $500
    For $500 or more, I will list you as the publisher of the book, include your publisher's logo on the book, and ship you 20 copies of the book to do with as you please!

    Don't have a single dollar to donate? Well, LUCKY YOU, there are many ways you can help that cost you NOTHING!
    Follow my blog first of all, if you haven't already. Comment on multiple posts. If you use Google+, +1 a few of my posts. If you use Reddit, upvote a few of my posts.
    "Like" me on Facebook. Be sure to "share" and "like" the posts on my facebook page.
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    Post a link to this page on Digg, Stumbleupon, Myspace, LinkedIn, or whatever other website you can think of. Mention it in personal ads on craigslist. Write "A Lunatic Pope Dot Com" on bathroom walls.
  • My Top 10 Albums of 2011

    12 jan 2012, 07:08 av NarrowVision

    Here are my Top 10 Albums (including EP's, deal with it) Of 2011:

    1. Holy Other - With U
    2. Grimes/D'eon - Darkbloom
    3. Austra - Feel It Break
    5. Little Dragon - Ritual Union
    6. St. Vincent - Strange Mercy
    7. Active Child - You Are All I See
    8. Kimbra - Vows
    9. Shabazz Palaces - Black Up
    10. M83 - Hurry Up We Are Dreaming

    Worth while mentions:
    -James Blake - James Blake
    -Balam Acab – WANDER/WONDER
    -Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost
    -WIM – WIM
    -Sleep ∞ Over – Forever

    What were some of yours?

  • Robots with Fucking Lasers, Man

    23 dec 2011, 04:19 av olboyfloats

    Timothy Bowen, also known as me, is working on a new album.
    Robots with Fucking Lasers, Man

    Robots with Fucking Lasers, Man, is a concept album about the interference in communication between The Robots and a humanity that is parallel to our own, but slightly more advanced technologically.
    Radio interference is static. Digital interference is pixelated. This interference is something different and more advanced. This is the interference that occurs when The Robots send transmissions to the chips implanted in humans' brains.

    The album is not quite done yet.
    I still need a few things:

    Drawings of robots to use in liner notes
    Remixes of the songs I have so far
    Instrumental tracks to chop/screw and add voices to
    Moral support

    If you can provide any of these things let me know, otherwise, just more listeners would be awesome!

    Easier download in many different file formats at
    my bandcamp page

    Please note this album will be published under a Creative Commons Share Alike Attribution License.
  • Spotify Grab Bag

    27 jul 2011, 19:25 av NarrowVision

    Here are three cool toys you can play with using Spotify:

    Spotibot is incredibly simple: just plug in an artist (or number of artists), tell it how many tracks you want it to return, and it'll spit out a playlist of similar songs for you to try out. From there, you can just drag and drop the playlist right into Spotify and start listening. If you don't want to limit your recommendations to a certain band, you can even link Spotibot with your profile and just have it create generic playlists based on all the music you listen to. The playlists can be up to 50 songs in length, and you can even tell it to favor more popular tracks if you so wish, as well as remove tracks or add more similar tracks with the plus and "x" buttons.

    pulls data from to create a personalized recommendation playlist in Spotify. Its main advantage over Spotibot's similar functionality is that you don't have to import anything more than once, you just need to scrobble tracks to TruShuffle will share a playlist with you in Spotify and add tracks to it based on your listening habits, which is awesome. You can adjust settings on their web page, like how similar you want the music to be, and you can also grab their desktop client for more settings and statistics. You have to create an account for TruShuffle, but it takes about two seconds and doesn't even require an email address. Just plug in the username and password you want, connect it to your username, and it'll give you a playlist to subscribe to in Spotify. You don't have to ever visit the site again, if you don't want to—once you've set it up, your TruShuffle playlist will keep updating as you listen to more music on Spotify (though the settings on their site are pretty handy).

    is very similar to Spotibot, with some slight interface changes. You can type in any artist to generate a playlist of similar music, then drag that playlist into Spotify. However, on the playlist page, it has two handy "more artists" and "new tracks" buttons, which will re-generate the playlist for you in one click—either with new similar artists, or new tracks from the same artists. You can also replace single tracks by clicking on the "Replace" button next to a song. Like Spotibot, you can prioritize popular tracks as well. The two services are quite similar, with very minor differences. For example, Spotibot lets you create playlists based on multiple artists, but Spotiseek gives you a bit more control over generating new playlists. Personal preference will determine which of these you use, so give them both a look.

    Is far and away the best Spotify ad blocker for Windows. It sits in your system tray and mutes Spotify (or your computer, your choice) whenever it detects an audio ad. It'll unmute Spotify when the ad finishes playing. Better yet, though, Blockify can do more than just mute ads: It also adds customizable hotkeys to Spotify, so you can skip tracks, play, pause, shuffle, and change the volume with keyboard shortcuts.

    Update* 07/28/2011 --Blockify added to the bag
    (via Lifehacker)
  • Overhere -- Listen Along with your bros.

    21 jul 2011, 03:10 av NarrowVision

    Overhere is a simple web app that lets you listen to another user's music stream, nearly in real time, using Spotify.
    I haven't tried it yet, but this seems like a cool thing to play around with. So be warned, I might be listening to your music right along your side.

    Be a creep and listen along

    update: I forgot to mention, it only works if you have a Spotify account.