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How to: Make the Most of

  • How to: Make the Most of

    New to, or just want to make sure you're doing everything you can to promote your music? This guide should help!

    Upload all Your Music

    Uploading as much music as you can to is a great idea, as it is to add youtube content to their respective tracks pages. (new users, please read here)

    Listen to (and Scrobble) Your Artist’s Music

    Making sure your artist is being scrobbled is an essential first step towards making an impact on Ask your fans to download the software here and listen to your artist’s music, and make sure you do the same! Some features on work better when you have reached a certain amount of listeners, so this is important.

    Tag Your Artists, Albums and Tracks

    A way of making sure your artists get played and discovered by users is by tagging them. There are buttons to do this on artist, track and album pages, as well as in the players themselves. Tags can be genres, moods, personal notes, anything really! Get as many people, to tag as many things, as possible - and remember that tags need you to have listened first to have proper weighting.

    Make Your Songs Available for Free Download

    Offering tracks for free download can give your artists a real promotional boost. Doing this means that your artist will become more visible and more accessible on as we promote free content more vigorously than everything else.

    Make Your Artist profile Rock

    Make sure you upload artist images and album artwork (new users, please read here), as well as writing a bio for your artist. You can use Factbox tags in the wiki to highlight relevant info including band members, location, and official website. You should also set Featured Tracks to appear at the top of your page, within the Music Manager under Manage > Catalogue > editing the artist. This way if someone ends up on your profile they won't be confronted with an empty page, and may well have a listen. If you have YouTube videos of your songs, embed them on their track pages by adding the URL there. They might even come up embedded on your front page if they are played often enough from the individual track pages.

    Get Involved! is a huge community of music lovers - join them. Please read the main site FAQ and have an explore, to understand, its features, and its users better.

    Hope this helps!

    - Music Team

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