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"Can't scrobble: Artist or title missing from ID3 tag." My tracks are tagged though.

    • ThTool sa...
    • Användare
    • 3 feb 2012, 09:32

    "Can't scrobble: Artist or title missing from ID3 tag." My tracks are tagged though.

    This problem is only occurring on this one album I recently added. The tracks are all completely tagged. Two tracks were scrobbled correctly when I first started listening, and then I updated the info using the WMP search function, and then none would scrobble again.

    Here's a screenshot

    I tried reinstalling the scrobbler. Version 1.5.4
    Windows 7.
    WMP12 Version 12.0.7601.17514

    I searched for an answer, but although there are a few similar questions (says they arent tagged while they are) they have been ignored.

    • ThTool sa...
    • Användare
    • 3 feb 2012, 09:51
    Okay. I managed to get it working by choosing a different set of album info from the list. Very interesting, because the only (apparent) difference was that one had broke it into two albums (for each disc) and one had it all together (this one didn't work).

    Okay. I have now renamed the 2disc albums into the combined disc album and it still works.

    So it appears that one of the album info things on the WMP updater is faulty, which caused the error. All the info appeared fine, but for some reason it caused an error.

    • iPowder sa...
    • Abonnent
    • 1 mar 2012, 08:57

    Same but..

    My mp3s are tagged properly in my properties but for some reason they don't want to scrobble. It happened just as it turn over a new day. They working smoothly on Feb. 2nd but as it turn to Feb. scrobbles had stopped and it showed up as "artist or title missing from ID3 tag" ..go figure (oO)

  • I fixed mine because it wasn't scrobbling Lucy Schwartz' tracks. What I did was renamed the tracks because they came with a track number in the filename: 03 Crooked Box. So when I renamed it to Crooked Box, it fixed it!

    Hey I'm Iris and I'm weird.

  • Also I figured out that Last.FM scrobbler bases its track name from the filename too (counter-check with ID3 tag I guess?) For some reason even if you have the tags accurate and right, they won't scrobble. For example some of the tracks I listened to that won't register had this format for the filename:


    My discovery? Last.FM Scrobbler won't scrobble it if there's a hyphen or a track number (03) before the song title. It just has to be the song title and it'll be okay!

    ------------ PROBLEM SOLVED --------------

    Hey I'm Iris and I'm weird.

    • dankine sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 maj 2012, 23:29
    my filenames all have numbers, and hyphens, in them and they scrobble so it can't be that.

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