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    So, I want to write a plugin for Really all I want to do is grab the artist name / track name, write it to a file... So I can write a script for my IRC client to put my current song into an IRC chat.

    Any ideas how I can grab the artist name / track name from the Windows player?

    Thanks *thumbs up*

  • this is a hack, but... i found from someone's blogger

    that in:
    [drive]:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\\Client\webservices.log

    there is a line sitting directly below the line with the string "WebService::requestMetaDataRadio", which is a URL which has the artist/track info.

    *thumbs up*

  • mmm looks interesting... are you gonna write some script with using this? or... i've seen a nifty app, putting the np info in the clipboard on a hot key, releasing the clipboard after pasting... it was AMIP i think. is there some easy way how to use the data you mention in AMIP?

    • dankine sa...
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    • 18 okt 2006, 10:04
    AMIP does it all for you I would have thought. No need to use, since the data is taken straight from your player.

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  • errr... but i want the data from the player :o) i mean, from the radio. i could try and stream the radio e.g. via iTunes through the proxy, but it's maybe too complicated, and i prefer using the app for it... (because of the artists links and stuff...)

  • I finally wrote a Perl script to put your current track, artist, and a tiny URL to the track page on

    This script is for XChat, and it requires perl, the perl module WWW::Mechanize. I wrote it in linux, i dunno how it will work in window.

    But to install WWW::Mechanize, you can issue:
    $perl -MCPAN -e 'install WWW::Mechanize'

    I put the code on a pastebin:

    hope this helps someone!

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