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Latitude Festival Henham Park
torsdag 17 juli 2008

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torsdag 17 juli 2008 söndag 20 juli 2008

Henham Park

Beccles, Suffolk
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My latitude festival review   0 LibertineNation 94 LibertineNation
22 jul 2008, 20:10


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  • skit013

    Errors, Grinderman, Sigur Rós, Seasick Steve and The Go! Team were the best for me. Was a really great weekend. Russell Howard and Ross Noble had me in tears.

    6 aug 2008 Svara
  • indy-kid

    I think Death Cab were pretty disappointing to be honest.

    25 jul 2008 Svara
  • Rainfalls


    24 jul 2008 Svara
  • moonstruckUK

    @homsar_rb i dunno about nada surf, but with Death Cab, when his guitar is meant to come in all loud etc in Bixby Canyon Bridge it didnt and he got really angry and started complaining. It turned out his volume on his guitar was turned down (realised 2/3 of the way through the track) - i spotted him fiddle with it then all the sound come back. He looked pretty embarassed.

    24 jul 2008 Svara
  • Thomas_Moore

    Broken Records and Slow Club were good, Johnny Foreigner as fantastic as ever, The Wave Pictures good (deserved a bigger crowd), Elbow and Sigur Rós perfect on Saturday and Robin Ince's Book Club was great all weekend. Oh, and not forgetting The Early Edition (Hoonwatch!) and John Hegley too. Great weekend.

    23 jul 2008 Svara
  • AlisonDodgson

    Stewart Lee was genius - but I already knew that! To get half an hour of comedy material from a record he had never listened to was astounding. Also loved Joanna Newsome, Lucy Porter, Lee Mack, Grinderman, the pimms bus, pink sheep, the light show buddah, dancing like a maniac in wellies at guilty pleasures... i could go on Not keen on tents, festival toilets, not being able to have a bath and unpredictable rain....

    23 jul 2008 Svara
  • Gaemblor

    rich hall - pretty funny

    23 jul 2008 Svara
  • MattEats

    Amazing Weekend! Noah and the Whale, Blondie Franz, Rich Hall, Mark Steele, The Go! Team, Spacedub Odyssey...I could go on. Definately going to go next year!

    22 jul 2008 Svara
  • Joelsmusic

    fucking brilliant, all of it. the highlights had to be joanna newsom, sigur ros, franz, russell howard, blondie, guilty pleasures, interpol and death cab for me :)

    22 jul 2008 Svara
  • blossomtoe

    Probably unpopular thoughts on this year's Latitude: http://www.last.fm/user/blossomtoe/journal/2008/07/22/22xx8k_jonjo_at_home_in_his_gated_community Remember: I'm not saying I don't love you all dearly ;-)

    22 jul 2008 Svara
  • Anquil

    the joy formidable were the best by a mile for me followed by sigur ros.

    22 jul 2008 Svara
  • bruirn

    Where to start!!!? Absolutely brilliant. Interpol, Grinderman, The Breeders, Frankie Boyle, Joanna Newsom, The Guillemots... The Sunrise Tent had some hidden gems too. Rosie and the Goldbug in particular were amazing.

    22 jul 2008 Svara
  • Anquil

    first ever latitude - fucking brilliant. : )

    22 jul 2008 Svara
  • joelc18

    crystal castles feckin blew up the sunrise was sweet. joanna newson was gorgeous had never heard of before, bjork on a harp. natty was another sweet discovery too. sweet weekend

    21 jul 2008 Svara
  • homsar_rb

    What an awesome weekend, Joanna Newsom was the standout for me (even when she forgot the words), plus Sigur Ros were epic. Shame that both Ben Gibbard of Death Cab and the bassist of Nada Surf both got extremely angry at their sound (which sounded fine to me) and ruined their image as nice, shy indie boys. Does anyone know what specifically made them so pissed off?

    21 jul 2008 Svara
  • _fishnetmonkey

    i didn't think anything could beat last year's latitude, but joanna newsom, interpol, johnny flynn and ross noble proved me oh-so wrong. but low point: the chips from the pure pie stand. they were rank.

    21 jul 2008 Svara
  • moonstruckUK

    @societyisashole well i appreiciated, was damn epic. He may have been off his head and only a 15min set, but the amount of energy was awesome

    21 jul 2008 Svara
  • DreamDoucement

    Martha wainwright was fantastic bit disappointed she didnt get to do her whole set though. Slow club were fantastic too..

    21 jul 2008 Svara
  • R4z3

    @King-Will - No really, he was there! I got a photo :D

    21 jul 2008 Svara
  • RagingRED

    The best: Sigur Ros, Amadou & Mariam, The Do, Black Lips, Joanna Newsom, Punch Brothers and Malcolm Middleton.

    21 jul 2008 Svara
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