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The Great Escape

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torsdag 15 maj 2008 lördag 17 maj 2008

Various Venues

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  • Windmiller

    I had much fun! THE BOOZE PRICES WERE OUTRAGEOUS! luckily the music was supurb. Bon Iver, Sunset Rubdown, Little Barrie and The Twilight Sad for me

    20 maj 2008 Svara
  • theboredone

    I liked it cause I got krugs towell, sense of validation time *VALIDATION*

    18 maj 2008 Svara
  • emographer

    Awesome weekend! Gig of the festival was Matt & Kim for me, closely followed by Okkervil River, The Hold Steady, AA Bondy, Sunset Rubdown, Times New Viking, and Eugene McGuinness. Also really enjoyed Let's Wrestle, Tubelord (should have played longer) and Telepathe (even though I felt like I was watching an advert for America Apparel).

    18 maj 2008 Svara
  • Knoetgaard

    hi guys... ive been recording some stuff of the festival with my little digicam and some of the clips ended up to be quite good. just check them out if you want http://de.youtube.com/user/Urlauber cheers :) andi

    18 maj 2008 Svara
  • streamline101

    White lies were soo good!

    17 maj 2008 Svara
  • jstanier

    Everyone having fun? I saw Eugene McGuinness, Bon Iver, AA Bondy, Sunset Rubdown and Okkervil River yesterday - it was excellent. Having a bicycle is definitely the way to go for getting to and from venues. :-)

    16 maj 2008 Svara
  • amusedtodeath

    My word, Future Of The Left were excellent last night. Couldn't stop laughing when Falco buried Jack under his kit :D

    16 maj 2008 Svara
  • paynomind88

    hey, i'm a young producer from detroit, please support me by listening to my foals remix at http://www.last.fm/music/Foals/_/Electric+Bloom+%28karam%27s+mix%29 wish i could go to this

    15 maj 2008 Svara
  • sjwilliams82

    too excited!!!!!!

    15 maj 2008 Svara
  • jesstherese

    I need to be in too many places at once.

    14 maj 2008 Svara
  • amusedtodeath

    I'll be down there tomorrow night, checking out Johnny Foreigner, and dancing like a spazz to Future of The Left. It's gonna rock :D

    14 maj 2008 Svara
  • rh91_uk

    Won some tickets on my local radio station! Can't wait! Gonna be awesome! last.fm meetup!

    12 maj 2008 Svara
  • BeegFace

    Have u guys heard of pitchfork media?

    11 maj 2008 Svara
  • Oo-Chelsea-oO

    Video Nasties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8 maj 2008 Svara
  • jodkavelli

    i'll be jumping up and down to late of the pier, singing and crying in glaswegian to glasvegas, offering to be nicole to the teenagers and wishing i played violin with lightspeed champion - see you all there :@

    30 apr 2008 Svara
  • mindstuckinpark

    I really want to go but can't make it down for the thurs, anyone wanna do a wristband switchy or pass on any tickets? willing to pay but not the full 45. message me

    30 apr 2008 Svara
  • slotdroid

    3rd that

    24 apr 2008 Svara
  • streamline101

    2nd that

    24 apr 2008 Svara
  • Louise1583

    Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer Yeasayer

    24 apr 2008 Svara
  • tiborholoda

    Hey, wanna see the hottest acts from Central & Eastern Europe? Come to Wilsonic Festival - the best kept secret on the European festival map! http://www.last.fm/event/436452

    22 apr 2008 Svara
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