OppiKoppi 18 Sweet Thing

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torsdag 9 augusti 2012 lördag 11 augusti 2012
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For everyone who has ever felt full of circles and/ or had their pure youngry hearts pulling to a rock ‘n roll solution; and for everyone who has ever felt like dynamite without quite knowing why: we think we bring you good news: SWEET THING: the 18th annual permutation of our super-friendly tune get together gone wrong. And right. This will be good for you.

Of course things could have been different. But they are not. Life is good, tunes are great and law enforcement patchy. May the gods continue to bless Northam and its creatures.

Speaking about happy, the OppiKoppi family is very encouraged by the creative direction and the way the greater clan has taken up the challenge of imbibing each year’s new theme. The Sweet Thing name was inspired by a Van Morrison Song, covered with aplomb by The Waterboys.

Building on the artistic direction of the last few years the team then commissioned the fine artist Gavin Rain, famous for his hand painted but somehow tech driven photos of people, to come up with an image to be used as source material www.worldart.co.za / we’ll be posting more on Gavin’s work in the next few days ). Finally the team from janaandkoos.com gave the material the graphic design treatment it required to get the annual festival theme ready to be unleashed on the masses. Lots of tricks and options in the months ahead… (PS: if you like Gavin Rain’s work visit worldart.co.za, the local dealer).

INFO: OppiKoppi has texture (Which is often lost on newbies): the best way to get the full experience is to join the cult community on one of the social media platforms to get you speeded up, or down. If you are friendly, creative, energetic and like tunes, you don’t need any additional guidance from us and can arrive as you are (with a spade). For the non-energetic: the facebook and twitter pages carry almost daily updates with information on artists, art, schemes, tricks, savings, competitions and low cost funeral plan strategies. You can also help shape the final lineup…

Tickets are roughly R700 on the OppiKoppi Facebook page (or R750 on
Ticketbreak.co.za, but Standard Bank youth portal has indicated that they will subsidise every single ticket bought from their portal (www.standardbank.co.za/studentachiever) to the value of R150. I.e. you pay no more than R600. (We think you should support the people who support the tunes).

ACCOMODATION: Whilst the OppiKoppi team mostly discourages people to sleep during the three day dustathon, there are a few semi-civil options available. Kreefhotel, campervan village (NEW), game farms in the surrounding areas…All this information will be on the Facebook page presently.

ARTISTS: at the time of this press release the first names were about to be released. This will be added from now up until the festival and can be followed closely on Twitter and Facebook.
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