• NIN|JA 2009 @ Kansas City, MO

    29 maj 2009, 00:37 av Blvd_Nights

    Great show! This was my third time seeing them and it was probably one of the most exciting ones yet because hopefully this isn't the last time I get to see them. This was my first time driving outside of St. Louis and while it freaked me out at first, things couldn't have gone any smoother actually. The hotel my girlfriend and I stayed at was right off of the highway and only about a good ten minutes away from Starlight. I was glad we were able to check in so early and relax before the show too.

    Well when we got there, we waited in the nin.com presale line and while it looked really cloudy..it wasn't raining until we actually got inside the venue prior to the doors being open to the public but thankfully it stopped raining within like a good twenty minutes. I thought the Starlight was an awesome venue and it looked/sounded incredible. Our seats were in BOX 1, Row H and I remember thinking to myself how bad I wanted ORCH seats but I still can't believe how close to the stage we were even with the seats we had. …
  • NIN|JA 2009

    28 maj 2009, 16:40 av nullitum

    Wed 27 May – Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, Street Sweeper Social Club

    Pretty good show, but a pretty big step down from Lights in the Sky. The sound was actually kinda quiet up in the terrace level... just a part of being a large outdoor amphitheater. The setlist was good. Got to see lots of songs I haven't seen them play live before, including Now I'm Nothing, Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now), and The Way Out is Through. I still would have liked to see them try The Perfect Drug though. I don't care if it's impossible... it's the last tour!

    We had super drunk chicks behind us saying great things... such as:

    "Oh my gawd.. his music sooo wants to fuck me tonight." (During The Frail)

    "I just love Joaquin Phoenix's ASS." (During Hurt. Think about that one...)

    "Everyone's so serious. I'm trying to think of something to yell... TITS AND ASS!!!" (Also during Hurt)

    So that was fun...