Greg Haines


Med Greg Haines, Alexander Thomas och Chipper/Max Milton Duet

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torsdag 16 oktober 2008

Redland Park Church

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”With the current trend for modern classical/electronic records there is no shortage of cinematic and emotional music - we have Max Richter, Ryan Teague and Sylvain Chauveau holding aloft the torch, but what Haines has produced is somehow more naïve, warmer and in parts even more visual. As the tracks build and decompose effortlessly around cello, violin, voice, and subtle electronics it’s hard to hold onto the thought that this is the work of a musician at the begining of his creative life. You won’t find a more perfect album to usher in the snow this winter” - Boomkat


”Some people claim that making music from loops and effect pedals is too easy. Alexander Thomas counters this by using only Theremin for his sound sources, which is one of the hardest instruments to play well (if a guitar with no frets sounds difficult, imagine one with no neck or strings either, and that’s how awkward a Theremin is to control). Quickly bypassing the b-movie clichés of the instrument, Thomas builds up a sensual series of sonic constructions, that are alternately scouring and beautiful.” - Nightshift Music, Oxford

Plus a very special improv string collaboration between CHIPPER and MAX MILTON, two of Bristol’s most prolific musicians, who between them have performed and worked with artists including SJ Esau, Crippled Black Phoenix, Oxbow Duo, Bronnt Industries Kapital and North Sea Navigator.
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