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Med Rahul Sharma och Zakir Hussain

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tisdag 20 november 2007
Zakir Hussain and Rahul Sharma share a special bond.

Not only are they carrying on the legacy of their legendary fathers, two of the most celebrated and influential Indian musicians of the 20th century, but they’re expanding the possibilities of their instruments, while keeping one foot firmly planted in the rich soil of the classical Hindustani tradition.

Hussain, an unsurpassed master of the tabla drums, and Sharma, a virtuoso on the santoor, or hammer dulcimer, perform a duo recital Tuesday at the Montgomery Theater in San Jose.

The senior member of the team, Hussain has been a creative force in Northern California since 1971, when he moved here from Bombay to teach at the Ali Akbar Khan College of Music in San Rafael. He had trained under his father, revered tabla maestro Ustad Alla Rakha, and arrived in the Bay Area eager and open for new musical experiences.
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