• Worth 15$, but I wouldn't pay to see most of the bands

    26 jan 2012, 13:09 av ColorofAir

    Wed 25 Jan – Strength In Numbers
    Pretty okay show overall. The opening act that wasn't listed on the poster "Action Blast" was horrible, very boring, very obnoxious, nothing memorable.

    My Arcadia came on next, another group not listed that I had never heard of, and I was quite surprised with how fantastic they were. The guitarists were great, with some really pleasing melodic guitar parts. The vocalist was really powerful, she was a bit sketchy on one or 2 really high notes thats she almost missed in on of their songs, but otherwise fantastic.

    Next Sparks the Rescue came on starting with Skeleton. The set was fantastic, just the entire performance was great, the guitarist's leads were very impressive, and they even added one to Getting Clean in the Dirty South that was incredible. The vocalist Alex was a powerful as ever, getting every one of those high notes, but unfortunately was drowned out a little bit on Worst thing I was Cursed With during the chorus. …