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fredag 20 februari 2009

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Med Nine Inch Nails

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fredag 20 februari 2009
MUSICNIGHT contains:
*live gig on a cinema screen : first one is NIN
*small party with all your favorite rock, 70-80-90’s, industrial/EBM music

One of the best live bands is on hiatus. We’re speaking of Nine Inch Nails.
From the return in 2005 till 2008, they were almost continiously on the road, with the Lights In The Sky tour in ‘08 as the absolute highlight.

James Cameron filmed it to be screened in 3D in theatres, unfortunately record companies stopped the production by claiming rights on a few songs.
Fans, who thought these shows were too good for not showing the world, planned to massively film the last show of this tour.
After more than a year of almost 24/7 work on editing, and the fact that it’s filmed by small cameras and cellphones, makes the shaking result one of a kind.

[The makers ( ) promote to download and/or to screen this film.
This is why just the cost of equipment-use will be equaled]


Where: Pieter Vanhoudstraat 39, Koersel - Beringen, Belgium
When: Saturday 20th february 10pm

Bar open: 9pm-3am

reservations (only one hall for this one time event)
,pre-sale date and more info to be announced soon!
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